Best jewellery and watch cleaner: The ultrasonic device you need on hand to make sure your heirlooms stay clean

I visited the jeweller my fiancé bought my engagement ring from the other day to talk about organising a wedding band.

As exciting as the occasion was, he noticed that my ring — which contains a sunstone gem surrounded by two diamonds — was looking a little bit cloudier than usual and asked if I’d had it cleaned.

I explained that I was too nervous to take to it with toothpaste and a brush so I’d been waiting until I could ask the professionals before doing anything radical.

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So what did he recommend? An ultrasonic cleaner you can purchase off Amazon.

It cleans precious metals and other items with ultrasonic frequency, so you don’t even need soap to get it looking sparkling new again.

The VEVOR Ultrasonic Cleaner with Digital Timer and Heater is currently 15 per cent off on Amazon, bringing the price down to a much more reasonable $159.79.

Recently got engaged? You need this ultrasonic jewellery cleaner. Credit: Tegra Stone Nuess/Getty Images

It took approximately 20 seconds before I removed the ring from the water in the device and noticed I could “see through” the gem again.

The cloudiness had disappeared.

The industrial-grade transducer creates millions of microscopic bubbles that powerfully clean your possessions while saving time and energy.

The machine features a digital control panel with an adjustable timer and heater displayed on LED.

It cleaned my ring in seconds. Credit: Amazon

The heating function effectively softens and dissolves oil and wax stains, thereby improving the cleaning effect.

Needless to say I’ll be popping my rings in for a little clean all summer after using sunscreen and other lotions that are “an engagement ring’s largest enemy”.

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