Best K18 haircare discount: ‘Miracle’ hair mask is slashed in price by 23 per cent on Amazon: ‘The results are magical’

When I first made the switch from Olaplex to the K18 hair mask I couldn’t believe anything more powerful could exist for restoring heavily bleached and beach dried-out locks.

But I was wrong because it only took one singular application for my life — and hair — to be changed for the better.

The downside? This faithful mask will set you back a pretty penny so it’s important to stock up when you can.

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While it usually costs upward of $99.50 for 50ml Amazon has currently slashed the price by 23 per cent to $76.25.

So what makes K18 so special and why do I swear by it?

K18 is the hair mask that celebrities, hairdressers and those in the know swear by for perfect salon-style locks. Credit: Instagram
The Leave-In Molecular Repair Hair Mask has been reduced from $99.50 to $55.08 on Amazon. Credit: Instagram/K18

Unlike regular conditioner, you apply two to three pumps outside of the shower to towel-dried locks and leave it in the hair — where it gets to work within just four minutes.

The K18 peptide (the product’s star ingredient) works to mimic the structure of the hair’s natural keratin in order to boost moisture and promote thicker hair.

The peptide has also been cleverly designed to repair broken hair and improve your locks’ overall strength according to the brand.

Personally, I’ve noticed significant improvements in the condition of my hair since I started using it and I now won’t use any other brand.

BEFORE: Unlike regular conditioner, you apply two to three pumps outside of the shower to towel-dried locks. Credit: Instagram/K18
The product gets to work in just four minutes. Credit: Instagram/K18

But you don’t need to take my word for it.

Reviews on the Amazon website are similarly glowing, where there are more than 7,000 five-star reviews.

Hair saver,” one shopper wrote.

“A member of my family had a terrible experience at a hair salon where they completely trashed her hair with bleach and other products.

“She was so upset so, based on the recommendation of my stepdaughter, I sent her some of this to use.

“After just one use, she said it completely transformed her hair — made it easier to comb through, brought back the smoothness and managed to do in just one application what she’d be trying to do with lots of other products for days. Highly recommend.”

Reviews online are glowing for K18. Credit: Instagram/K18

Another added: “As someone who bleaches and dyes their hair all sorts of vibrant colours, it’s safe to say without K18, I wouldn’t have any hair left.

It has repaired my hair and makes it feel softer and stronger.”

While a third said simply: “If your hair is damaged at cellular level, you need this!

“This is the only product that works in actually repairing your hair at cellular level. I know it’s expensive, but you will not find another product like it. Just buy it”.

For more information and to shop the discounted K18 hair mask, head here now.

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