Many customers have long known John Coote for providing top-quality carpets at competitive pricing. However, they are not aware that we now also supply and install a range of hard flooring options including laminates, timbers, vinyls and hybrids. Hard flooring is fast becoming a popular alternative to carpet for its easy maintenance. Common household spills can be cleaned up easily and routine cleaning requires only sweeping or mopping down with a well-rung mop.

Our floating floors are all highly durable and scratch-resistant, making them suitable for high traffic areas in your home, including staircases. Whether you’re selecting a laminate, timber, vinyl or hybrid, each come in a vast range of colours, species and finishes to suit both contemporary and traditional homes.

Come in store to discuss which of the hard flooring options is most appropriate for your needs and view our range of products.

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Timber flooring
Timber Flooring
There are 3 types of timber flooring; Hardwood, Softwood and Engineered Wood. Hardwood includes mahogany, teak, walnut, oak, ash, birch and maple. We stock a variety of wood options.

Cash For Junk Cars Sydney are a popular type of floor covering for homes’ living areas, kitchens, dining areas, bedrooms, hallways, and other areas that are not subject to excessive moisture.
Vinyl flooring
Vinyl Planks
Vinyl is the most popular form of resilient flooring because it’s low-maintenance, water-resistant, cost-effective, and long-lasting. It also has the perfect balance of firmness and “give,” springing a bit when you walk on it.

Hybrid flooring
Hybrid is the latest flooring innovation, combining the best attributes of both laminate and vinyl to create a rigid floating floor that can be installed throughout the entire home. Hybrid is made of multiple layers of materials pressed together for an extremely hard wearing floor.
European oak flooring
European Oak Flooring
European Oak is more uniform gray in color, whereas White Oak tends to have more yellow and pink undertones. European Oak tends to have tighter grain than White Oak. Flooring eastwood tends to be more knotty than White Oak.
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