Ford F-150 sales and deliveries halted after remanufacturing fault

Ford has issued an instruction to its dealer network to stop the sale and delivery of the remanufactured Ford F-150 after several vehicles presented with a turbocharger fault related to the remanufacturing process.

It’s understood that three examples of the remanufactured F-150 have presented with turbocharger issues related to the remanufacturing process. While Ford hasn’t officially confirmed the exact fault, we understand it’s an issue with the right-hand side turbocharger hose collapsing, which then causes the vehicle to go into a limp mode.

Supplied Credit: CarExpert

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Thai-based RMA Automotive was contracted by Ford to perform left-hand drive to right-hand drive conversions for the brand as part of the huge project to bring the Ford F-150 to Australia. It’s the first time RMA Automotive has performed left-hand to right-hand drive conversions.

Sold globally as a left-hand drive only vehicle, the Ford F-150 is remanufactured in Australia by RMA Automotive under the supervision of Ford Australia. Other brands that sell remanufactured pickup trucks endorsed by their parent companies in Australia are RAM, Chevrolet and Toyota, all of whom use Walkinshaw Automotive for the conversion process.

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According to a Ford Australia spokesperson, “Out of an abundance of caution Ford Australia has placed a temporary hold on F-150s that are on their way to dealers or in dealer stock, after three re-manufactured vehicles presented with a turbo-charger related concern,” the spokesperson said.

“Customers who have taken delivery can continue to drive their vehicle. We are committed to delivering the highest quality vehicle for our customers, and are working quickly to investigate and resolve the issue. We understand the inconvenience it will cause those who are waiting for their vehicle to be delivered and we thank them for their patience.”

Supplied Credit: CarExpert
Supplied Credit: CarExpert

CarExpert has spoken with three customers who have cancelled orders after continuous delivery delays and being kept in the dark about what is going on with their vehicles.

Toyota, who is also in the process of converting left-hand drive Tundras to right-hand drive has taken a more conservative and cautious approach with the first 300 of its remanufactured vehicles only being offered to customers as a one year, customer-funded R&D lease. Customers must then return the vehicles to Toyota before the brand decides if it will proceed with mass, unrestricted remanufacturing.

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