Sunrise star Edwina Bartholomew makes surprising admission about husband Neil Varcoe

Edwina Bartholomew has revealed her husband doesn’t drink alcohol.

The Sunrise star, who is married to journalist Neil Varcoe, made the surprising personal admission on Thursday, while speaking about non-alcoholic beverage options.

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“My husband hasn’t drunk (alcohol) for about 10 years,” Edwina said.

She made the comment while talking to Ross McQuinn, commercial manager of non-alcoholic beer brand Heaps Normal.

When Varcoe opted to stop drinking, Eddy said, it was difficult because people were always offering him alcohol.

Edwina Bartholomew revealed her husband doesn’t drink alcohol. Credit: Seven

“One of the things my husband spoke about at the beginning of the process is everyone was trying to offer him a drink,” she said.

Edwina went on to say the rise of non-alcoholic beverage options meant this “wasn’t a factor” anymore, making it a lot easier for people to choose to abstain from alcohol.

Non-alcoholic drinks are becoming increasingly popular in Australia, with a rapidly growing share of the drinks market.

Edwina and Varcoe, who married in 2018, are often open about their private life.

They recently announced they had bought a historic hotel, The Victoria, in Carcoar, NSW, which they planned to renovate.

In September, Eddy spent two weeks away from screens as the couple focused on the refurbishments.

In an Instagram post, she explained how she and Varcoe had achieved a lot while she had been away from her day job.

Edwina said her husband gave up drinking about 10 years ago. Credit: Seven
The couple share two children, Molly, four, and Tom, one.  Credit: Instagram

The pair focused on outside work, including lawn mowing, hedge trimming, clearing fences, “hacking away at bushes” and pressure cleaning.

Previously, Eddy has told of how Varcoe left behind his role in digital media to help remodel The Victoria.

“We had to sell our house in Sydney to do it,” Eddy told the Hosting With Heart podcast, about the decision to buy the property.

“My husband had been working in tech for Twitter, so for us, instead of a big mortgage in Sydney, we thought we would invest in a business that we could build for our family.”

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