Sydney father fighting for life in Bali hospital after scooter accident days after Christmas

A Sydney father is fighting for his life in a Bali hospital after suffering serious head injuries in a scooter accident just days after Christmas.

Kevin Malligan, 24, was holidaying with friends on the Indonesian island on Friday when the scooter he was a passenger on hit a pothole, sending the father-of-one flying onto the road.

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He suffered serious injuries, including a bleed on his brain and a fracture to his neck, and is currently on life support in the BIMC Hospital in Nusa Dua. Malligan has undergone surgery to stop the bleeding and to release the pressure on his brain.

His wife Leah Malligan, who is 32 weeks pregnant, has flown to Bali to be by her husband’s side.

Due to give birth in a matter of weeks, she described the situation as surreal.

“It’s something that you just see in movies, and you hear of, but you just never think you’re going to be in that situation,” she told 7NEWS.

“Getting to feel him, just being nice and warm still, and the fact that he’s still alive, that’s all that matters at the moment.”

Kevin suffered multiple injuries, including a bleed on his brain and a fracture to his neck. Credit: 7NEWS

Malligan’s father and brother have also flown to Bali.

His family in Sydney are taking care of the couple’s two-year-old daughter Ivy but are struggling with the thousands of dollars needed to cover medical bills.

“Because the insurance won’t cover it, you’ve got to pay (for the medical bills) every couple of days,” Malligan’s father-in-law Jodie French said.

The family hopes to fly Malligan home to Sydney for treatment at Nepean Hospital, but the flight is expected to cost more than $100,000.

Kevin Malligan and his two-year-old daughter Ivy. Credit: GoFundMe

A GoFundMe has been set up by to help raise money for expenses. Almost $80,000 has been raised so far.

Malligan’s wife said she was overwhelmed by the response to the fundraiser.

“It just means the world,” she said.

“I never thought I’d be in this situation, and I’ve never been the type of person to ask for money or ask for help, but after seeing the condition he’s in and knowing I’m going to be giving birth in five or so weeks … it’s so important that he’s at home.”

– With reporting by Jodie Lee

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