‘Tacky’ bride slammed for charging guests $65 to attend wedding

A bride-to-be has been slammed as “cheap and tacky” for charging family and friends $65 to attend her wedding.

The anonymous bride’s invite strategy was revealed by a guest who asked via Reddit whether expecting people to pay to attend a wedding was acceptable.

It’s not clear which country the guest is from, or where the wedding is being held.

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“One of my closest friends is getting married and is charging her guests to attend the wedding,” the invited guest wrote.

“I always knew she was cheap, so in one way I’m not surprised.”

A bride-to-be has requested guests pay $65 to attend her wedding. File image. Credit: Getty

The Reddit user said they received an invitation in the mail which required $65 with confirmation of attendance.

The invitation stated: “When you RSVP, you have 3 options; 1. I will attend the wedding (envelope fee: 65 dollars). 2. I will only attend the ceremony. 3. I will not be able to attend.”

The disgruntled invitee added that guests who want to go to dinner with the couple the night before the ceremony, and then also eat at the reception, will be asked to pay extra.

“The thing is, I KNOW they have money,” the friend wrote.

“(The bride) inherited a lot of money from her grandma in advance, they have a house, her fiance is an engineer, they have a boat, and they are currently renovating their house.”

The Reddit user then added guests had also been sent a wedding gift list — but had been told “gifts are not needed but welcome”.

Fellow Reddit users were overwhelmingly quick to slam the request for cash.

“That is not fair,” one wrote. “No one should have to pay a dime. A guest is a guest and does NOT pay.”

“How can you be so cheap and tacky?” another asked.

But a few international Reddit fans saw no issue with the “plate charge” during tough financial times.

“Where I’m from, gifting money is the standard. Most people don’t want clutter and already have everything for their household,” one person said in the bride’s defence.

“This is kind of the expectation for weddings here in Ireland. We get invited to a wedding, we will give a cash gift which comfortably covers the per-head charge the venue would invoice the couple for.”

Just days earlier, another bride-to-be was embroiled in a bitter feud with her bridesmaids over who should cover the cost of their dresses.

The woman said when she asked her loved ones to be in her wedding party, she let them all know they would be paying for their own gowns — but they then refused to pay $250.

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