Best Dutch oven similar to Le Creuset: Crock-Pot kitchenware sold on Amazon in pastel colours is a crowd favourite

Who hasn’t looked at the Le Creuset-branded kitchenware and wondered whether the $600 price tag is worth it? I certainly have.

But sadly I don’t spend enough time in the kitchen to warrant dropping a huge wad of cash on pastel-coloured homewares, no matter how beautiful they would look on the benchtop.

That doesn’t mean I have to miss out though.

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Amazon is selling very similar coloured Dutch ovens from Crock-Pot for less than a quarter of the price and in a number of different sizes so you can do everything from bake Sunday roast to craft a delicious chicken casserole in them.

The Teal Ombre and Scarlet Red are two of my favourite designs and they are just $120 and $93 each for the three quart size.

Each of the Dutch ovens come with a heavy duty lid and its recommend they are hand washed to keep the enamel cast from wearing.

You can buy Crock-Pot kitchenware on Amazon. Credit: Amazon
Some shades of the pastel products are less than $100. Credit: Amazon

The design is perfect for slow-cooking, simmering, braising and baking with the durable cast iron construction retaining and distributing heat evenly.

It’s naturally non-stick so you won’t find your produce sticking to the interior while it cooks.

It has thousands of five-star reviews on Amazon with just about everyone praising its abilities in the kitchen.

“Looks great and I love that it can go on the stovetop, into the oven and straight to the table. The only consideration, if you have any issues, is that these are very heavy,” one customer wrote.

“Otherwise they are brilliant.”

There are thousands of five-star reviews on Amazon. Credit: Amazon

“I haven’t used it yet but it looks fantastic. I’ve never seen a product packaged so thoroughly. Very happy with my purchase,” a second woman wrote.

A third added: “Love the Dutch oven for doing soup and sourdough bread”.

If you’d like to look at the full range to purchase, click through to the website here.

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