Sunrise star James Tobin shocks viewers by revealing unique talent on Bondi Beach

James Tobin has starred on Sunrise since 2008 — but the TV presenter proved he still has some tricks up his sleeve on Monday by sharing his hula hooping talent with viewers.

The skill came to light as James was presenting the weather on Sydney’s famous Bondi Beach for New Year’s Day, when a woman hula hooping across the sand caught his eye.

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“You know that expression dance like nobody’s watching? Well, this is one step better — hula hooping,” James said, as he strode up to the woman on the beach.

“We’re impressed by the way you are starting 2024,” James said to her.

Sunrise star James Tobin proved to be a natural at hula hooping on Monday, as he presented the weather from Bondi Beach for New Year’s Day. Credit: Seven

The hula hooper, named Anita, appeared somewhat startled by the weather presenter.

“Sorry, what did you say?” she said, taking out her AirPods.

Anita then introduced herself, saying she was an instructor and was hula hooping to start the year “strong” and “powerful”.

Anita then offered James a go, an opportunity he jumped at, with Anita proceeding to give him an impromptu lesson.

“It’s not the circle move (like everyone thinks),” she said.

“(It’s) side-to-side or back-to-front.”

James got a lesson from instructor Anita, whom he saw hula hooping across the sand on the famous beach. Credit: Seven

James immediately impressed Anita and the Sunrise panel as he managed to keep the hoop on his hips.

“You got it,” Anita said to him.

“Salutations to the sun for New Year!” James shot back.

Finishing the segment, Anita hula hooped away from James.

“Look at that! Graceful! That’s how a professional does it,” James said.

It comes after James revealed personal news in October, announcing he was engaged to long-time partner Farrah in a sweet Instagram post.

James just revealed personal news in October, announcing he was engaged to long-time partner, Farrah, in a sweet Instagram post. Credit: James Tobin/Instagram

“A bit of news … we’re getting married. A lot of my life is lived out on TV, but I’ve also kept some things private because, well, not everything needs to be out there,” he wrote.

“I’m thrilled to tell you I asked Farrah to marry me and she said ‘yes’.

“For those who don’t know Farrah, she’s a ray of sunshine in this world.

“She’s brilliant and beautiful, funny and clever, a kind heart who saves lives and runs ultra marathons in her spare time.

“The last couple of years of our relationship have been long distance while Farrah has been in Perth completing a fellowship in interventional cardiology and I couldn’t be prouder of her,” James said.

“Finally she’s coming home to our little place and we’re looking forward to starting the next chapter of our lives together. I’m the happiest man alive,” he ended his post.

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